Music Pick Up Lines

Music Pick Up Lines

Music is one of the most popular forms of communication. People love to sing, listen to music, and dance to it. When you want to start a conversation with someone, why not try a music pick up lines? These lines are short and sweet, and they work really well if you know the person’s favorite song. For example, if the person loves country music, you might say “I love country music too! What’s your favorite song?”

Looking for a little Valentines Day fun? Why not try out some music pick up lines to impress your sweetheart! Whether you’re into cheesy love songs or classic rock ballads, these lyrics will have her singing your praises in no time!

Music Pick Up Lines

There’s nothing quite like a good pick up line when you’re looking for a little music fun! Whether you’re out at a club or just hanging out at home, here are some surefire ways to get that person you’re interested in groove to the beat.

  1. You must be a choir director because you make my heart sing!
  2. Are you a piece of minimalist music? Because I keep seeing you again and again.
  3. Would you like to borrow my tuner? You’re looking pretty sharp to me.
  4. The Proclaimers would walk 500 miles to “come back home to you,” but I’ll do you one better. I’ll sit through an entire Nickelback concert.
  5. You wanna grease my slide?
  6. You must be marked Prestissimo… because you’re dashing.
  7. Are you a fermata? Because I want to hold you.
  8. My bowing arm is pretty sore… Because you just made my tremolo.
  9. Slow down girl, you’re giving me a woodwind.
  10. I may not be Mumford, but do you want to have my sons?
  11. You had me at the cello.
  12. Is that an anacrusis? Because you’re about to hear a pick-up.
  13. If I were a drum I’d let you bang me all night long!
  14. Do you like Dave Brubeck? ‘Cos I think we need to Take 5.
  15. I’m considering a modulation… Because I want to come up to your level.

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Trending Music Pick Up Lines

  1. “What kind of music do you like? I’m a big fan of indie rock.”
  2. “Hey, you look like a music lover! What’s your favorite song?”
  3. Did someone just begin a stretto section? Because you’re really leading me on.
  4. Let’s make some sweet music together, honey.
  5. “Do you know any good music cover songs?”
  6. Were you born in 1789? Because you’re a real classical beauty.
  7. Did you just move from chord V to chord I? Because I think you’re perfect.
  8. “I bet you can sing like an angel – show me your voice!”
  9. This cello isn’t the only big wood between my legs.
  10. “I love listening to music – what’s your favorite album?”

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Cool Music Pick Up Lines

There’s no need to be shy when picking up a guy with some cool music pick up lines! Here are a few that work well for any occasion.

  1. You can tickle my ivories anytime, baby.
  2. Call me AC/DC, because I’m gonna rock you all night long!
  3. You’re so beautiful, you make me feel like an arpeggiated chord… broken.
  4. I can make you hit all the high notes!
  5. My embouchure is good for more than just playing the trumpet if you know what I mean.
  6. You must be a fourth or a fifth because you’re just perfect!
  7. I just lost my job and maybe Baroque, but that doesn’t mean I can’t show you a good time.
  8. Ooh, I love your accent. What is it, agogic?
  9. Excuse me, do you believe in premarital sex?
  10. Is that a fugue I can hear? Because we’re about to get entangled
  11. The pads on my MPC2000XL aren’t the only thing I’ll be banging tonight.
  12. I bet we’d get into some serious Treble together.
  13. Let’s play a love game. I’ll be Alejandro, you be Lady Gaga and I’ll let you take a ride on my disco stick.
  14. Damn girl, you’re lookin’ sharp!
  15. This reed isn’t the only thing I can get wet.
  16. Would you like to play my organ?
  17. I’d love to strum your g-string
  18. Enough exposition. Let’s move this to the development section.
  19. Did you just move from the subdominant to the supertonic? Because I think you’re my perfect counterpoint.
  20. I bet that flute isn’t the only thing you know how to blow.
  21. Composers always score.
  22. That’s a nice set of mallets you have.
  23. Perhaps you and your friend would like to play a trio with me?
  24. Would you describe yourself as a ternary? Because you have a lovely form.

How to Pick Best Music Pick Up Lines

When it comes to picking up a girl, there are a few things you can do to get her attention. One of the most effective ways is by using music pick up lines. Here are five of the best ones to try out:

1. “I love your voice – can I have your number?”
2. “Have you ever sung in public before?”
3. “Do you like singing karaoke with your friends?”
4. “Can I hear one of your favorite songs? I love it!”
5. “Do you know any good slow songs? I love listening to them.”


If you’re looking to up your music game, and find yourself struggling to get the attention of women in your circle, why not try out some of these pick up lines? Whether you’re trying to start a conversation or just make her day, these lines will definitely work! Who knows — maybe she’ll even think you’re pretty romantic.

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