Biker Pick Up Lines

Biker Pick Up Lines

Biker pickup lines are a great way to get a biker’s attention. Many of the lines are easy to remember and can be used at any time. Here are five of the best biker pickup lines. 1) “You’re one hell of a bike.” 2) “I could ride all day with you.” 3) “I bet you can ride like the wind!” 4) “You’re looking pretty good on your bike.” 5) “You’re one badass biker!”

It’s no secret that pickup lines can be a big turn on for many men. They’re a way to show someone that you’re interested in them, and they work like a charm for most guys. If you want to use pickup lines in your interactions with bikers, here are some tips for doing just that!

Biker Pick Up Lines

If you’re looking for a good time and you’re down on your luck, look no further than a biker. They always have time for a good time and they know how to pick up a lady. Here are some of the best pickup lines for bikers:

  1. I wheelie want to ask you if you would be my date for tonight, baby.
  2. Yes, I am a biker and I have a bike ready for you, but do you want to ride me instead?
  3. “I think I need to take you for a little ride.”
  4. Can I take you for a spin on my handlebars?
  5. If you become my girlfriend, I can promise I would not tyre of being with you.
  6. You remind me of my last biking accident.
  7. I know a great place to bike ride. Let’s hop on my private jet!
  8. My bike is in for a service. Can I ride you instead?
  9. My bike is in for a service. Can I ride you instead?
  10. “I bet you can ride like the wind.”
  11. Is that your kickstand, or are you happy to see me?
  12. I’m no hipster, but I’d ride a fixie for you.
  13. “You’re looking hot as hell on that bike.”
  14. Hey girl, I’d love to see all your tattoos.
  15. I totally fancy everything about you like I love my bike and that’s saying a lot!

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Trending Biker Pick Up Lines

  1. Are you a bike? Because I wanna ride you until I get tired.
  2. Hey babe, I’ll be your mechanic if you’ll be my ride.
  3. I’ll be your mechanic if you’ll be my ride.
  4. Can I make you a recovery drink? You’re going to need it.
  5. I wouldn’t mind being your biker lady friend.
  6. Hey girl, I bet you would look fabulous on my bike.
  7. I saw you getting dirty on the cyclocross course.
  8. You ain’t a cop, are you?
  9. You’re prettier than a brand new Harley Davidson.
  10. My bike isn’t the only thing that has a shaft.
  11. You’re prettier than a brand new Harley Davidson.
  12. Wanna put on your leather and burn some rubber?
  13. Wanna come over and borrow my chain whip?
  14. “I’ve been looking for someone just like you all day.”
  15. “Hey pretty girl, want to take a ride with a biker?”
  16. Cause I am definitely going head over heels for you…
  17. Wanna get all lubed up?
  18. “You must be new in town, can I give you a ride?”
  19. “You’re so beautiful, I think I might have to carry you home.”
  20. “You got the look of an angel, do you need a lift?”

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Latest Biker Pick Up Lines

If you’re a biker, and you want to pickup a girl, these are some of the best pickup lines you can use!

  1. “Your smile is so infectious, I just want to take you for a ride.”
  2. I can’t handle mechanical failure, but I swear we will never fail, you and I.
  3. Pardon me, I am by all accounts experiencing difficulty with my engine. Why not bounce on, and I’ll push from behind.
  4. Ever made it with an overweight problem drinker?
  5. So I left my ride in the service station, care to give me some service right now?
  6. “I could ride all day with you by my side.”
  7. “I think I might have found my new favorite ride.”
  8. Hey girl, I’d love to see all your tattoos.
  9. Would you believe I left my Volvo at home?
  10. This is just my commuter bike. How about I make you dinner and show you my other ones?
  11. Excuse me, you wearing ‘Windsong’ by Prince Matchabelli?
  12. Wanna ride my chopper?
  13. Hey girl, I bet you would look fabulous on my bike.
  14. Need a commuting partner? Because I am amazing in the bike lane.
  15. My engine is having troubles, maybe you can just get on it and I will push from the back?
  16. “You’ve got the looks of a good time.”
  17. I bet we could do some good interval training together.
  18. I will be the one who fixes your ride whenever you need me, just call me babe.
  19. My bike is in for a service and I was wondering if you’d service me while it was gone.
  20. “You’re one hot biker babe!”
  21. That group of bikers won’t be the only thing I “blow up” tonight.

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How to Choose Best Biker Pick Up Lines

Biker pick up lines can be a bit daunting, but with a little creativity and effort, you can come up with some great lines that will make the biker want to talk to you. Here are four tips for creating successful biker pick up lines:

Be Yourself

Most importantly, if you want to grab a biker’s attention, you need to be yourself. If you try to be someone you’re not, it will backfire. Don’t try to be someone you think they want to be – just be yourself and let your natural charisma shine through.

Stay Positive

If you want the biker to stay interested in talking to you, keep your attitude positive. Don’t let any negative thoughts creep into your mind; instead focus on what fun things could happen if things went well. The biker will appreciate your positive attitude and may even flirt back!

Be Compelling

One of the most important factors in a successful pickup line is charisma – something that all bikers have in spades! When trying out new lines, make sure they are compelling enough for the biker to want to talk more. Think about how you would phrase them in your


Biker pickup lines can be a bit more risqué than those used by other types of pickup artists. However, they are still plenty cheesy and funny enough to work. Here are some tips for using biker pickup lines that will get you the girl of your dreams:

-Be sure to use an accent and make sure your pronunciation is perfect – no one wants to listen to a guy who can’t speak properly!
-Make yourself sound like a total badass – talk about how dangerous you are on the bike, or how much tougher your group of friends are than anyone else.
-Remember that bikers place a high value on independence and strength, so talk about how strong you feel independent women being.

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