Animal Pick Up Lines

Animal Pick Up Lines

There are all sorts of animal pick up lines out there. Some are funny, some are cute, and some are just plain strange. But what they all have in common is that they’re all based on the fact that everybody loves animals. So whether you’re looking for a way to break the ice with someone new or just want to make somebody laugh, using an animal pick up line is a great way to do it.

You might think that pick up lines are only for humans, but you’d be wrong! Animals have been known to use pick up lines on each other too, and they can be just as effective (or ineffective). Check out some of the best animal pick up lines below.

Animal Pick Up Lines

Animal pick up lines are a great way to start a conversation with someone you’re interested in. They’re fun, playful, and who doesn’t love animals? Here are some of our favorite animal pick up lines:

  1. Have you ever milked a cow before? cause your gonna need a bucket for this too.
  2. Hey girl, where have you fin all my life?
  3. Hey girl, are you a purebred because you just Russian Blue me away.
  4. Does your daddy have a pet owl? Because you are a hoot.
  5. Did you grow up on a chicken farm? (NO) Because I heard you were good at raising cocks!
  6. Girl your like a trophy bass I don’t know whether to eat you or mount you!
  7. From a frog: Hey baby, it’s a future rose from a future prince.
  8. I heard you’re into dinosaurs…well imma Lickalotofpuss
  9. Does your pussy smell like fish because I like sushi
  10. Baby, you’re like a championship bass. I don’t know whether to mount you or eat you!
  11. You must be a cat because you make my heart purr.
  12. Are you a beaver? Because dammmm…
  13. Do you know what a Timber wolf is? No. That’s a guy that chases a girl up a tree and kisses her in between the limbs.
  14. Do you handle chickens because of your good with cocks?
  15. Do you raise chickens? Because you raise my cock.
  16. “You must be a lion, because you’re the king of my heart.”
  17. Baby, you be the tree, and I’ll wrap around you like a koala bear.
  18. Do you know how much a polar bear weighs? (no) me neither but enough to break the ice, hi my name is …..
  19. Can I borrow your cell phone? I need to call animal control cause I just saw a fox!
  20. “If you were a penguin, I’d never let you go.”
  21. Girl, if you were a dinosaur, you’d be a Gorgeousaurus
  22. Hey, girl, I heard you like snakes so let my snake sliver all over you

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Best Animal Pick Up Lines

  1. Hey baby, wanna play lion? OK. You go kneel right there and I’ll throw you my meat.
  2. I must have been a really good boy because you’re a real treat.
  3. Did I ever mention that I’m a Navy Seal?
  4. Hey, Baby, did you know they call me Yoggie Bear (no why?) Because I’m always chasing after the Honey!
  5. Girl, we can play zoo..and you can tame my monkey.
  6. Do you like bald eagles? (Yeah, why) Then spread for me!
  7. I’m the flower, you’re the bee. Why don’t you suck the sweet pollen right out of me?
  8. I’m a lion: Meow
  9. Do you like turtles? Because I’m feeling a little turtle-y tonight.
  10. “Hey, good looking. Are you an elephant? Because I’d love to trunk you.”
  11. Do you like Sea World, because your about to be in my splash zone
  12. There’s no denying that animals are some of the most adorable creatures on the planet. So, it’s no surprise that people have started using them as pick-up lines! Here are some of the best animal pick-up lines we’ve heard:
  13. Have you ever kissed a rabbit between the ears? (Pull your pockets inside out….) Would you like to?
  14. “I bet you’re like a koala bear – soft, cuddly, and absolutely adorable.”
  15. Girl, if you were a chicken you’d be impeccable.
  16. Do you wanna play lion tamer? she asks: “What is that?” you say: It’s when you get on all fours and I put my head in your mouth.
  17. Babe, you’re cuter than a puppy at an animal shelter, Cuz I want to take you home!
  18. Hi, I’m a birdwatcher and I’m looking for a Big-Breasted Bed thrasher, Do you know where i can find one?
  19. If I were a rabbit, I’d jump in your hole!
  20. If I followed you home, would you keep me?
  21. Excuse me, but do you like whales? (yeah, why) Cause I was thinking that we could “humpback” at my place.
  22. If I was a squirrel I’d chuck my nuts in your hole!
  23. Great big polar bear(she says what?) It broke the ice!
  24. Girl, if you were a camel, I’d hump you!
  25. “I’m falling for you faster than a dog chasing a rabbit.”
  26. Do you have some bug spray? Because I have butterflies in my tummy
  27. I’m not a lion, but you can call me king.
  28. If I were a dog would you help me bury my bone?

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Trending Animal Pick Up Lines

  1. Are we butterflies? Because I’m starting to like you a lot.
  2. Your pussy is in more danger than a seal during Shark Week.
  3. If you were a fish tank, I would tap that!
  4. Oh, I was staring at you? Busted…
  5. Remember Finding Nemo, because in a minute you’ll be finding out I Nemo p***y
  6. You’re so hot, my zipper is falling for you.
  7. I’m not a lion, but you’re making me roar.
  8. Someone told me you like Owls, Well you’ll love the way Owl give you this dick
  9. It’s hunting season and fox-like you shouldn’t be out in the open!
  10. If you where a sheep I would clone you
  11. Polly wanna tap that
  12. There are a lot of fish in the sea, but you’re the only one I’d like to catch and mount back home
  13. My cat’s dead, can I play with your pussy instead?
  14. You’re like a prize-winning fish… I don’t know whether to eat you or mount you.
  15. What happens when you drop a whale on thin ice? her: what? you: it breaks the ice. hi, I’m (your name)
  16. They call me the cat whisperer, cause I know exactly what the pussy needs.
  17. Your breast must be made of sand because I want to bury my head in them.
  18. Take me to the loony bin, because you’re bacon me crazy.
  19. You had me at “woof.”
  20. Yo baby, mind if I grab your ass?
  21. Do you work at Starbucks? Because I like you a latte.
  22. You’re like a bright light and I’m like a bug because I’m so darn attracted to you.
  23. Nice Camel….(look down then up)… Wanna hump?
  24. If you were a farmer I would let you choke my chicken
  25. You are one hot mama!
  26. So I hear you like snakes…I have one its called a “trouser snake”
  27. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?
  28. Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’ve been searching for.
  29. I’m falling for you faster than a cat falling off a table.
  30. You must be my backyard because I really dig you.
  31. You wanna see a donkey show?
  32. If you and I were squirrels, could I bust a nut in your hole?
  33. Life’s a jungle let’s go to your place and f*©k like animals!
  34. You must be a penguin, because you’re so cute and I can’t resist you.
  35. My d!©k is like catnip, it’ll make a cougar like you go wild.
  36. They say the early bird catches the worm, but girl you can show up at any time and still get a bite.
  37. Is that shirt (those pants) mad of camel skin? (No, why?) Cause I noticed the humps!

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How to Choose Animal Pick Up Lines? Pro Tips

When it comes to animal pick up lines, you have a lot of options to choose from. If you want to make a good impression, you need to choose the right line for the right animal. Here are some tips on how to choose animal pick up lines:

  • Consider the animal’s personality: Some animals are more friendly and approachable than others. If you’re trying to pick up a line for a more shy or timid animal, you’ll want to choose a line that is less aggressive.
  • Think about what you want to say: Your pick up line should be something that will make the animal feel special and appreciated. Avoid anything that could be construed as offensive or insulting.
  • Be creative: The best pick up lines are ones that are original and creative. This is your chance to show off your wit and charm, so don’t be afraid to be unique.
  • Have fun with it: Ultimately, the goal is to have fun with the animal pick up line process. If you’re not enjoying yourself, chances are the animal won’t either. So relax, be yourself, and let the good times roll.


These pick up lines may not work on every animal, but they’re definitely worth a try. If you’ve ever wanted to chat up a dog, cat, or even a snake, these lines are sure to break the ice. Who knows, you might just make a new friend in the process.

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