Nature Pick Up Lines

Nature Pick Up Lines

Are You Looking for Nature Pick Up Lines? Then This Post for You.

Nature pick up lines are a great way to start a conversation with someone you’re interested in. Not only are they clever and interesting, but they also show that you’re knowledgeable about the world around you. Some of our favourites include: ‘Do you mind if I walk you home? My mother always told me to follow my dreams.’ ‘Are you a carbon sample? Because I want to date you.’ ‘You must be the squares of the hypotenuse because you’re just right for me.’

We all know that pickup lines are largely cheesy, outdated, and often ineffective. But what if we took a cue from nature instead? These ten nature pick up lines are sure to get a laugh – and maybe even help you meet that special someone.

Nature Pick Up Lines

If you’re looking for a nature-themed pick up line, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of our favorites:

  1. The weather is almost as beautiful as you girl.
  2. Girl you’re an adventure, let me explore ya.
  3. “I’m falling for you faster than the leaves fall in autumn.”
  4. Hey girl, I don’t know what’s more beautiful, you or this lovely day we just had.
  5. Be the thunder to my lightning.
  6. Hey Babe, is there global warming… or is that just you?
  7. Unlike the sun, you won’t have to wait long for me to go down.
  8. You can expect more than a couple inches tonight.
  9. The sun isn’t the only that is up in the morning.
  10. “You make my heart skip a beat like a deer in the forest.”
  11. Is there ice on the ground? Because I think I just fell for you.
  12. Girl you’re an adventure, let me explore ya.
  13. How bout you and me go talk about the birds and the bees.
  14. I want to swim deeply in all five of your oceans.
  15. “You must be made of sugar, because you’re so sweet!”
  16. I’d make your icebergs melt.
  17. “Your eyes are as blue as the ocean.”
  18. Be the thunder to my lightning.
  19. I want to swim deeply in all five of your oceans.

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Best Nature Pick Up Lines

  1. Do you like nature walks? Because I would love to take you for a walk on my nature trail.
  2. The weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot.
  3. Your sunsets are amazing.
  4. Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.
  5. Here in Canada, summer doesn’t last long; but I do.
  6. You’re lookin’ sharp, so let’s go back to my flat and get natural.
  7. If I said you had a nice body would you hold it against me? Because if you don’t I’m going to die of hypothermia.
  8. The weather is almost as beautiful as you girl.
  9. I have mass. You have mass. We’re naturally attracted!
  10. What’s your favorite kind of cloud? Mine are cumulus.
  11. Hey girl, I don’t know what’s more beautiful, you or this lovely day we just had.
  12. I want to climb your trees and swing.
  13. Are you a tree? Because I would like to bark up your trunk.
  14. So its about to be springtime…
  15. Really, girl, you are hotter than this weather.
  16. Oooo you’ve got a heat pump; does it keep things nice and warm inside?
  17. I’d make your icebergs melt.
  18. The whole country is frozen, but lookin at you I have a warm front coming.

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Creative Nature Pick Up Lines

Need some inspiration for flirting with that special someone you met while hiking or birdwatching? Check out our list of nature-themed pick up lines!

  1. The sun isn’t the only that is up in the morning.
  2. It’s always hot here let’s make it even hotter!
  3. Are you a maple tree because I could totally tap that.
  4. If we were at home, cuddling on a rainy Sunday morning, what would we have for breakfast? a) Pancakes b) bacon and eggs c) crèpes d) acai bowl e) something else?
  5. I’ve got some nectar, come pollenate me.
  6. What’s up girl, I’ve got AC at my place.
  7. Are you a UFO? Because you just abducted my heart.
  8. I secrete natural creams. Would you like a massage?
  9. Are you a maple tree because I could totally tap that.
  10. Are you blushing or just heavily sunburnt?
  11. Are you a shooting star? Because I’d like to make a wish..
  12. My friend just got eaten by a shark. Will you be my new one?
  13. Are you passed out on the side walk? Or are you my snow angel?
  14. You must be the square root of two because I feel irrational around you.
  15. Are you a carbon sample? Because I want to date you — drinks this week?
  16. I’d like to get to know you better… mind if I leaf through your pages?
  17. How about you and I set a record low?
  18. Hey girl, you’re still beautiful… in that ski mask.
  19. Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re CuTe
  20. My love for you is like the universal constant – it’s never-ending!
  21. Honey you’re so hot, i wanna set you up and use you as my stove.
  22. If you show me your carbon footprint I’ll show you mine.

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How to Choose Nature Pick Up Lines

There are a lot of different ways to pick up lines, and it can be tough to decide which one to use. If you’re interested in using nature pick up lines, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you’ll want to make sure that the line is appropriate for the situation. Some pick up lines are better suited for certain situations than others. You’ll also want to consider whether or not the person you’re using the line on is likely to appreciate it. If they seem like they might be put off by a cheesy pick up line, it’s probably best to steer clear.

Once you’ve considered those factors, it’s time to choose your nature pick up line! If you’re looking for something classic, you could go with a line like “You must be exhausted from running through my mind all day.” If you want something a little more creative, you could try something like “I’d tell you you’re pretty, but someone else probably did that already today.” Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that you’re comfortable with and that you think will work well in the situation.


We hope you enjoyed our nature pick up lines! Whether you’re looking to start a new relationship or just want to spice up your current one, these lines are sure to get the job done. So next time you’re out in nature, don’t be afraid to give one of these a try – who knows, it could be the beginning of something beautiful!

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