Sherlock Pick Up Lines

Sherlock Pick Up Lines

Sherlock Pick Up Lines: Sherlock is one of the most popular TV shows on the air. And, like any TV show, there are going to be some great pick up lines that fans can use when they meet someone who is a fan of the show. Here are a few that could work for you: “Did you watch that scene where I solved the case?” “Do you know who I am? I’m Sherlock.” “Do you want to solve my mystery with me?”

Sherlock fans the world over know that the detective is known for his sharp wit and witty pick up lines. So, when you’re stuck for something witty to say to that special someone, why not try out one of these Sherlock-inspired pickup lines?

Sherlock Pick Up Lines

Sherlock Holmes is known for his deductive skills and his sharp wit. So when it comes to picking up ladies, he’s a natural. Here are some of the best Sherlock pick up lines to help you get the girls of your dreams!

  1. I like BBC’s Sherlock.
  2. I want you wrapped around me more tightly than my purple shirt.
  3. I’d help you hunt down a hound even if I was on holiday.
  4. Is your meat dagger on Twitter? Because I’d like to get that on text alert.
  5. A headphones-wearing bison isn’t the only thing I’d like up against my wall.
  6. I would disguise myself as a French waiter to stop you from proposing to someone else.
  7. Lestrade? More like Lust-rade.
  8. I guess people can stop calling me The Ice Man, because you’ve melted my heart.
  9. Are you frequenting cafes? Because you are smoking.
  10. Dieting is for Mycroft. Come on, you know you want a taste of me.
  11. You don’t have to be Moriarty to burn the heart out of me.
  12. You’re so great, even my shirt is giving you thumbs up.
  13. I bet you can make me scream… and I don’t mean like Claudette Bruhl.
  14. I don’t mind if you’re on your period… We’ll just call it an Urban Bloodlust Frenzy.
  15. Are you a train car in Sumatra? Because you are the bomb.
  16. I would murder a blackmailing newspaper proprietor for you.
  17. Is your last name Holmes? ‘Cause you Sherlock great tonight.
  18. I would solve a skip code and steal a motorcycle for you.
  19. Chicks dig scars, eh? Well, just call me Major Sholto.
  20. I hope you guys realize that I will 100% be reviving this blog if the rumors about a season 5 turn out to be true.
  21. You most certainly are my division.
  22. I love you more than Carl Powers loved his shoes.
  23. I’ve always assumed that love is a dangerous disadvantage, but that’s okay. I live dangerously.

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Cool Sherlock Pick Up Lines

  1. I heard you want the D… and I’m not talking about deductions.
  2. You’re the West to my Wood.
  3. “You have the eyes of a deer caught in the headlights.”
  4. I think about Redbeard when I want to calm down, but I think about you when I want to get excited.
  5. If you were my drug, I wouldn’t need a case to justify doing you.
  6. How do you feel about the violin?
  7. “A Consulting detective, just like you.”
  8. You make me wetter than a fireplace that’s just met Magnussen.
  9. I think you’re cooler than the head in our fridge.
  10. “You’ve got the makings of a great detective.”
  11. “I’m a bit of a Sherlock, aren’t I?”
  12. Don’t hate the dragon slayer. Hate the game.
  13. Are you a fire extinguisher? Because I want to dance and break into the crown jewels with you.
  14. “All coppers have a bit of Holmes in them.”
  15. I’m going to write you a love letter… I don’t have to prove it; I just have to print it.

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Trending Sherlock Pick Up Lines

Sherlock fans have come up with some great pick up lines for the show’s lead character, Sherlock Holmes. Here are five of our favorites:

  1. Are you Mr. Summerson? Because I’d like to fondle your testicles.
  2. I would love you even if you made post-mortem jokes about my hip.
  3. I know you’re not some character from Lord of the Rings, because I honestly care what you think.
  4. I don’t need Anderson’s Reichenbach theory to show you how hypnotizing I can be.
  5. Being without you hurts worse than reading Alone On the Water.Will you be my blogger?
  6. “I know you’re brilliant, but do you have any other talents? I’m curious to know what makes you unique.”
  7. Are you Helen Louise? Because I’m going to make you lose your mind.
  8. “I’m a bit of a Watsonian myself.”
  9. You most certainly are my division.
  10. Your smile shines brighter than an inexplicable matchbox.
  11. I would propose to you even if I didn’t need to break into your boss’s office.
  12. “I presume you’re consulting on this case?”
  13. “You should see my apartment – it’s completely furnished with crime scenes.”
  14. I would turn back your watch during your friend’s fake suicide just to spend more time with you.
  15. “Is that your magnifying glass I see? How did you get so good at solving crimes?”

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How to choose Best Sherlock Pick Up Lines

Sherlock fans rejoice! This is the section for you. In this article, we will teach you how to choose the best Sherlock pick up lines.

There are a lot of different Sherlock pick up lines out there, but which ones are actually effective? We consulted some of the most popular Sherlock bloggers and experts to come up with the five best pick up lines for when you’re trying to seduce your favorite detective.

1. “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to say that all day.”
This one is definitely a classic. It’s simple, it’s to the point, and it works like a charm. Plus, it’s just so darn sweet!
2. “I must confess, I find your intellect quite intriguing.”
This line is smooth and sultry, making it perfect for when you want to take things slow (or fast). It’ll make the detective feel really special – making them more likely to let you in (and maybe even fall in love with you!).
3. “How could anybody not be drawn to your intelligence and beauty?”
This line is perfect if you want to start off with something lighthearted before getting more personal. It’ll


If you’re ever feeling lonely and need some inspiration to pick up a girl, try out some of Sherlock’s best pickup lines. He’s got the complete package – he’s smart, charming, and knows how to work a room. Whether you’re trying to woo Irene Adler or simply want to get ahead on your cases, these lines will have her saying yes in no time. So put on your deerstalker hat and get to work!

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