Mechanic Pick Up Lines

Mechanic Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for a pick-up line that will get you the response you’re looking for? Look no further – here are some Mechanic Pick Up Lines guaranteed to get you the girl of your dreams!

Are you a mechanic? Do you have a good sense of humor? If so, here are some mechanic pick up lines that might work for you! “I bet your hands feel really good when you’re working on cars.” “Can I see your tool bag?” “I bet you can fix anything!”

Mechanic Pick Up Lines

If you’re a mechanic and you’re looking for some pick up lines, here are a few that might work for you:

  1. You must be a mechanic Coz you sure know how to crank my shaft.
  2. “I’ve been working on cars my entire life, and I can tell that you have a lot of potential.”
  3. But I wouldn’t mind changing your fluids.
  4. Hammer me the way you hammered those stubborn joists into place.
  5. “You must be new around here, because you look like somebody who could use some help.”
  6. At least I have a car.
  7. Hey babe, I’ll be your mechanic if you’ll be my ride.
  8. “I hear you’re the kind of person who knows how to get the job done right. That’s refreshing in this industry.”
  9. I have never been a mechanic…
  10. Do you mind if I check out your exhaust pipe?
  11. I’d drive a million miles for one of your smiles.
  12. You can polish my concrete whenever you want.
  13. If you were a car door, I would slam you all night!
  14. Can I offer you a space to plugin and recharge

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Best Mechanic Pick Up Lines

  1. Do you believe in love at first sight, or I should drive around the block one more time.
  2. If I was a car, I’d need some coolant, because you’ve got my engine overheating.
  3. Can you help me with my GPS? I need directions to find my way into your heart.
  4. I made sure to mow my lawn so you can lay all the pipe you want.
  5. Hey girl are you a mechanical pencil? Cuz I wanna stick my 0.7mm in you.
  6. Hey baby, how bout i teach you the Sn2 mechanism and show you a backside attack?
  7. Guy: I’m listening to Car Talk on the radio, would you like to join me?
  8. If you were a car, I’d definitely run up the mileage.
  9. I’m no mechanic but… I totally would like to oil your piston.
  10. Babe, Can I be your mechanic? Because I am not afraid to go down and dirty.
  11. How about we go to my garage and see what’s under the hood.

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Creative Mechanic Pick Up Lines

  1. “Do you work on cars, or just fix them?”
  2. Fix it up, and I’ll pick you up later.
  3. “You must fix a lot of broken hearts.”
  4. I’m a mechanic, what’s your problem?
  5. Is your car in neutral? I could use some help getting it started.
  6. “I need a mechanic because my car is giving me problems.”


Do you have a few mechanic pickup lines that you like to use when you run into them in your spare time? If so, consider sharing them with us in the comments below. We would love to hear from you, and we hope that these tips will help you pick up a few extra parts for your car!

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