Lifeguard Pick Up Lines

Lifeguard Pick Up Lines

If you’re looking for some smooth pick up lines to use on the lifeguards at your local pool, we’ve got you covered. Try one of these out next time you’re feeling brave: “Hey, nice abs! Wanna help me work on my tan?” “I’m glad you’re here to keep an eye on things – but I can’t take my eyes off you!” “How much do you bench? Because I need someone to help me drown my sorrows.”

What’s the best way to pick up a lifeguard? You might think that using some cheesy pick up line is the way to go, but you’d be wrong. In this article, we’ll show you why using a pick up line is actually the worst way to pick up a lifeguard – and what you should do instead.

Lifeguard Pick Up Lines

Looking for some funny and clever lifeguard pick up lines? Look no further! Here are some of the best we could find:

  1. You are stunning as a lifeguard on the west coast, with your lovely swimsuit and sweet smile.
  2. Do you want to be drowned in my everlasting love and be rescued by my own loving arms?
  3. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
  4. Can I swim in your eyes on a hot summer day?
  5. You’re so hot, the sun is jealous.
  6. I hope you’re a strong swimmer, because you’re about to get swept off your feet.
  7. I love how your dark hair compliments the brilliant color of your life jacket and swimsuit.
  8. Just call my name, I will go wherever you and save you from the forbidding waves of sorrow.
  9. I think you are my guardian angel with a pair of gorgeous eyes and pretty sun-kissed skin.
  10. I want to keep drowning in your sweet loving kisses and tender warmth of your beautiful body.
  11. I’m drowning in the sun and need mouth to mouth now!
  12. I felt you already saved my poor heart from drowning in the pool of loneliness and misery.
  13. Is it hot out here, or is it just you?
  14. I was looking for treasure and i think i found some.
  15. Can I see your tan lines?
  16. Are you a lifeguard? Because you just saved my life.
  17. You can swim in these dangerous waters and I will always save you until the end of time.
  18. You are going to be fired if the manager found out that you are drowning me in your love.
  19. Can I borrow your floaties? I seem to be sinking fast in your presence.
  20. Are you a lifeguard because you look like you can save me from falling into this pool of love?
  21. Are you the deep end? Because I’m ready to dive right in.
  22. You can call a lot of superheroes, but I’ll bet I’ll be the most handsome lifeguard for you.
  23. You can just close your eyes and hold me tight, and I’ll save you from this vicious current.
  24. Dang girl! You must look extra fine with that glowing tan.
  25. I’m not a very good swimmer, do you have any lifeguard experience?
  26. The water might swallow you up, but I will save your beautiful soul no matter what happens.
  27. Do you have any sunscreen? Because you’re making me hot.
  28. Hear that? The ocean wants you to join me for a drink.
  29. Can you please call the lifeguards ! Coz I m drowning in your eyes!

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Top Lifeguard Pick Up Lines

  1. Are you willing to be my own lifeguard who will rescue me from the strong currents in life?
  2. Girl, you give me the butterflies.
  3. I love how your life jacket suits the beauty of your smile and the backstrokes in the pool.
  4. I want to keep sinking in this serene reality of you surrounding me with your loving arms.
  5. Are you a fire hydrant? Because you’re really turning me on!
  6. I would be happy to provide mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if you need it.
  7. I wish I’d brought my towel, can I share yours?
  8. You make my heart slip ‘n slide.
  9. Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes!
  10. You don’t have to say anything fancy.
  11. Let’s go swim with the sharks and I will keep you safe with the warmth of my sincere embrace.
  12. Do you have any sunscreen? ‘Cause you are burning me up!
  13. I’m not a very good swimmer, do you have any lifeguard experience?
  14. You’re so hot, I bet you could stop traffic.
  15. We can lie in our backs and let the waves take us into the most beautiful veiled paradise.
  16. Are you a lifeguard? Because you definitely know how to save a life!
  17. I love how your gorgeous tan skin complements your pretty bright smile and lovely dark eyes.
  18. I seem to have sand in my bathing suit, wanna get it out?
  19. You won’t drown in this sea because you’re the most beautiful mermaid ever walked here.
  20. I’m the best lifeguard around here because I always keep my eye on the prize.
  21. I’ll show you my tan lines if you show me yours.
  22. I really like your suit.
  23. It is really ironic that you are a lifeguard, but I kept drowning into your gorgeous pair of eyes.
  24. Your skin is burning like my heart.
  25. You can save me whenever you want, so I will remember your adorable scent like the beach.
  26. Hey baby, the sun isn’t the only thing that rises.
  27. I could put some motion in your ocean.
  28. I think you are the most gorgeous superhero ever existed in this beautiful and stunning beach.
  29. Just like the Summer, I bring the heat!
  30. Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?
  31. Are you an ocean? Because I want to dive into you!
  32. I wonder how your butterfly strokes give me a feeling of drowning in the warmth of the ocean.
  33. Can you save me, my dear lifeguard, from drowning further into your beauty and grace?

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If you’re looking for some funny and clever lifeguard pick up lines to use on your next beach trip, then look no further! We’ve compiled a list of our favorites that are sure to get a laugh (and maybe even a phone number). So whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or just want to have some fun, make sure to give these lines a try.

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