Hockey Pick Up Lines

Hockey Pick Up Lines

Hockey Pick Up Lines: If you’re at a hockey game, or even just watching one on TV, try using one of these lines to strike up a conversation. Just be sure to have a good follow-up line ready, in case they don’t seem interested. “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” “Do you like hockey? Because I’d love to get checked out by you.” “You drop the puck, and I’ll pick you up.”

Just like any other sport, there are plenty of pick up lines that you can use on someone you’re interested in when it comes to hockey. You can start by asking them if they want to join your team, or if they’re feeling lucky and want to go one-on-one. You could also tell them that you’ve been looking for a defenseman all day and ask if they’d be willing to help you out. If you’re really feeling bold, you can go for the classic “Do you come here often?” line and see where it takes you.

You’re at a hockey game and you see a cute guy or girl across the rink. You want to go talk to them, but you don’t know what to say. You don’t want to use some lame pick up line that they’ve probably heard a million times before.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 best hockey pick up lines that are sure to break the ice and get you a date with that special someone.

Hockey Pick Up Lines

We all know that hockey can be a tough sport. But what if you could use your hockey skills to score a date? These pickup lines are sure to get you noticed by that special someone on the ice.

Do you play hockey? Because you’re a total catch!

  1. I got a penalty for hooking today, but it’s your fault because you’re the one who hooked me!
  2. What do you say we score together tonight?
  3. Do you have a jersey? Because I need your name and number.
  4. You look like you have a stick up in your pants, or are you just happy that I am here now?
  5. I’m a hockey player, I always wear protection.
  6. If you play ice hockey, I can teach you a few new tricks in order to warm yourself up, baby.
  7. You have less teeth because of the game? It’s alright, it gives more room for tongue action
  8. Want to learn how to play hockey? How about we watch videos of the game in my room, girl?
  9. I’d love to get checked by you.
  10. Life is better when we stick together.
  11. Let’s take out our gloves and get the party started.
  12. Is it just coincidence? Because my name is Stanley and I own a Cup.
  13. You know, less teeth means more tongue.
  14. Are you a hockey player? ‘Cause you definitely give me a power play.
  15. Since you have made it clear that I cannot score, could I at least, get an assist?
  16. Football players get cheerleaders, but hockey players bring them home.
  17. Can you show me your hockey jersey? I want to know what your number is.
  18. Baby, you have such nice pair of skates, I want to take them off of you right this moment.
  19. Ever kiss a guy with no teeth?
  20. Can I slip one past your tendy?
  21. Are we at the penalty box? ‘Cause I wanna get handcuffed to you.
  22. I’m a hockey player, my stick is long and I know how to use it.
  23. Life is better when we stick together.
  24. Let’s play hockey. I”ll be the net, and you can score.
  25. My love for you is like a power play: unstoppable!
  26. You’re so hot, my stick is melting!
  27. What do you say you poke-check me real quick?
  28. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.
  29. Are you a puck? ‘Cause I wanna take you home and slam you against the boards.
  30. If you were a puck, I swear I would never ever shoot you because I would miss you always.
  31. I’m a hockey player; of course my stick is curved!
  32. I’m a hockey player. I take my mask off for eating and well… eating.
  33. Look, my teeth spell out “I love you” in block letters!
  34. Will you let me slip one real quick?
  35. If we were playing hockey, I’d be all over you!
  36. Unlike my hockey stick, my stick-stick is dead straight.

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Trending Hockey Pick Up Lines

Are you a hockey fan? If so, you’ll love these trending hockey pick up lines!

  1. Football players get cheerleaders, but hockey players bring them home.
  2. Do you play hockey? ‘Cause I wouldn’t mind poke-checking you.
  3. My other stick curves to the right
  4. I believe you and I should go back to the house and just watch some mean play tonight.
  5. Well if I can’t score, can I get an assist?
  6. Do you play hockey? ‘Cause I wouldn’t mind poke-checking you.
  7. Do you have a jersey? Because I need your name and number.
  8. Hey, would you like to hold my shaft for a couple?
  9. You know, my hockey stick isn’t the only thing that’s hard.
  10. Are you a Zamboni? Because you just made my ice smooth and shiny.
  11. Hey, fewer teeth just means more room for tongue.
  12. Hey baby. Let’s cross the blue line together!
  13. Is your box free? Because I need to come in for a penalty.
  14. You know, you can always just send that puck on my way, if you get what I meant to say.
  15. We can just drop all out gloves here right now and just have a good try on what we can do.
  16. Can you tell your tendy to look the other way while I slip one?
  17. I’ve gone five-hole ten times today, can I try a you-hole?
  18. If you are into hockey, you can consider the deal done if you put your puck into my own goal.
  19. C’mon baby, the iceman cometh… but never too soon.
  20. You wanna be my equipment manager?
  21. You must be Stanley because you have a beautiful cup.
  22. I’m not a puck, but I’d love to get hit by you.
  23. I hope you have a jersey because I am needing a name from you and your number as well.
  24. If we were on a rink together, I’d definitely be checking you out.
  25. You’re so hot, you make my ice melt.
  26. I’m not a dirty player on the hockey field. Just in bed.
  27. Are you a hockey stick? Because you just gave me a woody.
  28. Despite the fact that I am the better skater, I would still recruit you for my tonsil hockey team.
  29. In case you haven’t noticed, girl, I am so hooked on you, I want to let you know about that.
  30. Do you think I stand a chance of scoring with you?
  31. Are you the other team’s net? Because baby, I want to score inside you.
  32. Hey, blah blah, smart hockey remark, sticks, and creases pick up line, blah blah. Do you want to go on a date?

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Top Hockey Pick Up Lines

Hockey is a popular sport, and many people enjoy playing it. However, picking up a hockey stick can be a challenge. These top hockey pick-up lines will help you to succeed.

  1. Do you know what they say about hockey players? They can always find the opening!
  2. I could slip one past your tendy if you let me.
  3. Once you see my equipment, you’ll either run or you’ll look at it real good, believe me now.
  4. I bet you’re a great skater.
  5. Do you want to kiss someone without teeth?
  6. You might be a goalie but I swear I am scoring on you tonight, no matter what blocks me.
  7. Do you know what Zdeno Chara and I have in common? Freakishly long sticks.
  8. Do you have a jersey? Because I need your name and number.
  9. Well if I can’t score, can I at least get an assist?
  10. If I can’t score, can I at least get an assist?
  11. I am more than ready to hit you tonight, from your behind, so I’m okay with a misconduct.
  12. Baby, if hockey is your thing I can hook you up real good and teach you to play better, really.
  13. I am better than a one timer, baby, I can go on for as many rounds as you want, let’s see?
  14. I heard that you’re the best player on the team.
  15. I know you are tired but I’m not, I am willing to go into the penalty box together with you.
  16. I’d love to get on the ice with you.
  17. I think this puck would look good inside of you and my stick as well, want to see for yourself?
  18. Did you trip me while we were playing hockey just now? Because I really fell hard for you.
  19. I’m not wearing hockey pads.
  20. You make me want to be a better player.
  21. Even if you’re into hockey, I don’t want you to be my one-timer. I want you to be my everyday-timer!
  22. If you are Zam, I mean, there are rumours, but if really you are, I’d love a Zamboni ride.
  23. You may try to block me off, but I’ll make sure to hold on to my stick and push really hard.
  24. I promise I’m good for more than just a one-timer.
  25. I can promise you I am built for a game and I can go on as many times as you want me to.
  26. Let’s play hockey, because I’d love to have 2 minutes for holding.
  27. Do you want to be my assist?
  28. I want to squeeze you up and straighten you up to hit that five hole of yours, I do, babe.
  29. You want to test out my equipment real quick and see if it meets your standard, how about it?
  30. You must be into hockey because I can see your stick just out of that pants of yours standing.
  31. If you were my puck, I’d be a horrible hockey player. Know why? Because I’d miss you every time.
  32. Do you play hockey? ‘Cause I wouldn’t mind poke-checking you.
  33. If I can’t score, can I at least get an assist?
  34. I cannot resist poke-checking you, you must be a hockey player.
  35. I need a new equipment manager, do you think you could fill that spot?
  36. What do you say we drop the gloves and go at it?
  37. We can try some field hockey and then we can just roll around the grass afterwards, babe.
  38. How about we drop the gloves and go at it?
  39. Cheerleaders might jump and scream for football players on the field, but they do their best dances in the hockey players’ beds.
  40. I’ve got a curved stick.
  41. I say we drop our gloves and have a go at it, what say you?
  42. Let’s play hockey. I’ll be the net, and you can score.
  43. I promise I’m good for more than just a one-timer.
  44. I like your stick handling skills.
  45. Ever kiss a guy with no teeth?
  46. Have you ever tried kissing someone with no teeth, you get a lot of tongue action, believe me.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of Hockey Pick Up Lines! If you try any of these out, let us know how they go in the comments below. And if you have any other good ones to share, we’d love to hear them.

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