Fitness Pick Up Lines

Fitness Pick Up Lines

If you’re looking for a workout partner and want to impress them with your wit, try one of these fitness pick up lines! For example, you could say “I’m looking for someone who can keep up with me. Are you up for the challenge?” Or, “I don’t need a gym to stay in shape. I just need you.” If they laugh, you know you’ve found a kindred spirit who enjoys a good workout – and a good sense of humor.

You might think that fitness is all about working hard and pushing yourself to the limit. But what if we told you that there was another way to get fit? What if we told you that you could actually have fun while working out?

Introducing fitness pick up lines! These playful one-liners are a great way to impress someone you’re interested in, all while getting a good workout in. So whether you’re looking for love or just a good laugh, check out our favorite fitness pick up lines below.

Fitness Pick Up Lines

If you’re looking for a new and creative way to pick up a date, why not try using a fitness pick up line? You may be surprised at how well it works! Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute. Wanna work out?
  2. “Do you work out? Because you’re smoking hot!”
  3. “Can I help you with your reps? I don’t want you to strain yourself.”
  4. Do you come here often? Because you are fit.
  5. The map to my heart is located on the veins of my left arm.
  6. Do you believe in love at first set?
  7. My nuts would fit perfectly in your crack.
  8. Girl your like cardio, you get my heart racing.
  9. “I like your form. Mind if I give you a few pointers?”
  10. Want to see what else fits in a pouch?
  11. Call me Hamstring, cos you’ve pulled.
  12. “You must be a personal trainer, because you’re making my heart race!”

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Funny Fitness Pick Up Lines

  1. I see you working hard on those biceps. Can I help you with your reps?
  2. You work out? Me too! Let’s pick each other up at the gym sometime!
  3. Hey girl, I’d like to make a commitment to more than just the gym this year.
  4. You workout pretty hard…
  5. Girl, I got an extra pair of TOMS that might fit you. Want to come over & try them on?
  6. You’re making me sweat just looking at you. Wanna work out together?
  7. That’s a nice hammock. Does it fit two?
  8. You work out really hard. Are you training for anything? I thought I’d come say hi. I couldn’t do the workouts you do.
  9. My key blade can fit any hole.
  10. I would love to grease your fittings…
  11. Wouldn’t mind doing some cross training with you!
  12. Have you been running because your hair is sweaty.
  13. You’re the protien to my shake.
  14. Would you spot me, cause I sure spotted you.
  15. Do you believe in love at first squat?
  16. All of my gym buddy is to have a perfect body, but for me my goal is to have you.
  17. It fits together like the bad end of recombinant DNA.I don’t normally talk to guys at the gym, but you’re just too cute to resist!
  18. We fit together like an enzyme-substrate complex. Lock and key.
  19. Do you believe in love at first set… or should I curl this barbell 15 more times?
  20. Bet I can bench press you.
  21. Excuse me miss, do you need a chest spot?

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How to Choose Best Fitness Pick Up Lines?

There are a lot of fitness pick up lines out there. But which ones are the best? How can you choose the perfect one for you?

Here are some tips:

1. Know your audience: Are you trying to pick up a guy at the gym? Or a girl at the yoga studio? Make sure you know who you’re trying to impress before you choose your line.

2. Keep it simple: The best pick up lines are usually the simplest ones. No need to get too complicated or cheesy. Just a simple, straightforward line will do the trick.

3. Be confident: Confidence is key when it comes to picking up someone, so make sure you project that in your pick up line. No one wants to hear a weak or hesitant delivery.

4. Be funny: A little bit of humor goes a long way, so if you can make your potential partner laugh with your pick up line, that’s a major bonus points.

5. Have fun with it: Ultimately, the best pick up line is one that you’re comfortable with and that you enjoy saying. So have fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously!


No matter what your fitness level, pick up lines are a great way to talk and get a workout partner. Use these at the gym, on the track, or even in the locker room. With a little confidence and some creativity, you’re sure to find the perfect line for your next workout.

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