Cake Pick Up Lines

Cake Pick Up Lines

Looking for a delicious way to pickup a girl? Check out our collection of cake pick up lines! These are sure to get her attention, and she’ll be sure to love your sweet talk.

It can be tough to find someone to talk to at a party, especially if you don’t know anyone there. But don’t worry, with these cake pickup lines, you’ll be able to strike up a conversation with any party-goer!

Cake Pick Up Lines

Cake pick up lines are always a hit! Whether you’re trying to get a date, or just make someone laugh, these will definitely work. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  1. Are you cake? Cause I want a piece of that.
  2. “If cake was a person, you’d be my type.”
  3. I want to marry you my cake.
  4. “Hey, can I borrow your cake knife?”
  5. I like you more than cake.
  6. Bready for some roll play?
  7. Your cupcakes make my soufflés rise.
  8. Do you want to get double stuffed?
  9. Pies aren’t the new cupcakes, baby. You are.
  10. “I bet you could slice through a cake with that thing!”
  11. I love your more than cake.
  12. At yeast you’re in my thoughts, all the time.
  13. How hot does your gas oven get?
  14. Are You Cake?
  15. I feel like this can be true loaf.

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Trending Cake Pick Up Lines

  1. Hey, girl, you look like a king cake. Let me put a baby in you.
  2. You’re my favorite type of candy: half sweet and half nuts.
  3. Roses are red today I think your pretty great. Today’s my cake day we should make it a date.
  4. Want to hear a bad ice-cream pick-up line? Cone me.
  5. Hey, you look mighty fine! Would you like to pick up a slice of cake?
  6. I want you more than a Klondike bar on a hot day.
  7. I’d buy you flours and anything your heart could ever want.
  8. God put as much work into you as an excellent piece of artisan bread.
  9. I bet you can bake like nobody’s business.
  10. Just crust me, I’ll make your fantasies come true.
  11. Oh hey girl, is it your birthday today? Got me confused with all that cake you got there.
  12. Have you been churned? Because you look really fresh!
  13. Mmmm girl! You are so sweet. I m going to get diabetes.
  14. You must be a sweet tooth, because I’m positively in love with your cake.
  15. Want to come by my place and have kiss? I have cake up-stairs.

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Latest Cake Pick Up Lines

If you’re looking for a creative way to pickup a girl, why not try one of these cake pickup lines? Whether you’re planning to use them on your special someone or just as a fun way to flirt, these lines will definitely get the conversation

  1. “Do you like chocolate cake? I have the most delicious chocolate cake in the world!”
  2. Your boots remind me of red velvet cake, and I love red velvet cake.
  3. Be the Ben to my Jerry. Be the Baskin to my Robbins. You’re already my Dairy Queen of all Queens.
  4. I studied at a culinary school in France and know all the secrets to joie de vivre.
  5. Hello there, Frosting…Oh I’m sorry, you looked like you belonged on my cake.
  6. Was your daddy a baker? Because you look like a cake, and I’d like to put frosting on your butt, and eat you.
  7. Girl, are you a king cake? Because I want to put a baby inside of you.
  8. “Do you know how to make a cake look so beautiful and perfect? It’s really quite an art form!”
  9. Can you take me to the bakery? Because, I want a Cutie pie like you!
  10. “Do you like your cake with icing or without icing? Personally, I prefer it without icing because it’s a little bit more sinful!”
  11. Did you sit on a lemon cake precious? Cause you have a pretty sweet lips!
  12. Hershey factories make millions of kisses a day, but I’m asking for only one.
  13. I froze some raspberries last summer. You’re hot enough to defrost them.
  14. “Hey, do you like cake? I think I might have the perfect slice for you!”
  15. “I bet your mom makes the best cakes in the world!”
  16. I thought of you while having chocolate cake Cause your just too sweet.
  17. I want to eat you, because I think you are cute more than cake.

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How to Choose Best Cake Pick Up Lines

When picking up a woman, it is important to have a good pick up line. There are many lines out there, but which one will work best for you? Below are five tips on how to choose the best cake pick up line for you.

  • First, consider what you want from the pickup line. Do you just want to flirt and be funny, or do you want to get her number? If you just want her number, then a simple joke like ” Want to trade numbers?” will work.
  • Second, think about your geographic location. Are there specific pickup lines that work better in certain areas? For example, in Los Angeles, people might say “I’m from L.A., too!” This will show that you’re familiar with the area and can hold a conversation.
  • Third, consider your personal style. Are you more of a hands-on guy or do you prefer compliments? If you’re more of a hands-on guy, then a pickup line like “You smell amazing” could work well for you. Alternatively, if you prefer compliments, try something like “You look amazing tonight! I had no idea cakes could be this delicious.”
  • Fourth, think about your age and demographic


If you’re looking to pickup a girl and impress her, you need to know about cake pick up lines. Cake pick up lines are a great way to show your appreciation for the cake she just ate or the cup of coffee she just sipped. They can be lighthearted or serious, but they all have one thing in common – they work!

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