Batman Pick Up Lines

Batman Pick Up Lines

If you’re a fan of the Batman franchise, then you know that Dark Knight detective Bruce Wayne is known for his sharp pick up lines. If you want to try out some of your own for the ladies, then check out these Batman pick up lines that will get them attracted to you like a bat to a bug!

Looking for some Batman pick up lines to use on your next date, we’ve got a few ideas for you! First, you could try saying “You pick up the slack like a fine-tuned machine.” Alternatively, you could try something a little more subtle, like asking her what she thinks about the Caped Crusader. Whichever line you choose, make sure it’s one that will catch her eye and get her talking to you!

Batman Pick Up Lines

  1. I don’t need pick up lines.. I’m Batman.
  2. I may be Batman, but you’re Robin my heart.
  3. I’d like to explore your bat cave.
  4. Hey, I’m Batman, want to make out?
  5. I may be Batman, but you’re still robin my heart.
  6. Are you Bane? Cause your making my dark knight rise.
  7. Hi cat woman, I’m batman.
  8. Do you mind if I park my bat mobile in your cave?
  9. You don’t need a bat signal to make me come!
  10. Don’t make me take the Bat out of its Cave.
  11. I don’t need to drop a pick up line, I’m batman.
  12. I swore on my parents’ grave to protect the innocent.
  13. Wayne…Bruce wayne.
  14. Want to see my dark night rise?
  15. Are you trying to get under my cape, doctor?
  16. I’m not sure why you insist on being so dark and brooding, but it’s really refreshing.
  17. You gotta friend for m’man Alfred here ?
  18. I dance a wicked Bedroom Batusi.
  19. Will u be my Batgirl to my Batman?
  20. Do you always wear that cowl to keep the villains at bay? It’s really hot under there.
  21. Wanna get outta here and check out the dark night?
  22. I know I shouldn’t be, but I can’t help but stare at your eyes. They’re so bright and shiny.
  23. Hey baby….I’m Batman.

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Trending Batman Pick Up Lines

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in the world, and with good reason! He’s a badass, has tons of quotes, and is always up for a challenge. But what do you say to someone who’s a fan of Batman? Here are some Batman pickup lines that will make your crush swoon!

  1. Girl you’re making all of Gotham city afraid, cause you’re the BOMB!
  2. Aye baby girl, I’d hit it so hard that words describing the impact will appear out of thin air.
  3. Heaven’s at the back seat of my Batmobile, I’d love to take you there.
  4. Come see my car? Or perhaps I should say… my Batmobile.
  5. she won’t respond to anyone maybe i should use batman signal!
  6. You make me feel like Bruce Wayne’s parents when you’re not around – Dead.
  7. Are you trying to get under this cape?
  8. Once you have Batman once, you’ll want Batman Forever.
  9. You sure must be Bane because you’re making my dark knight rise.
  10. Hey girl, is your name Robin? Because I want you to slide down my Batpole.
  11. I need you more than this city needs a grim vigilante.
  12. You wanna be my Ra’s Al Girl?
  13. Hey, I just met you, and your in peril, but here’s my batsign, so signal maybe?
  14. I may be blind, but my braille skills tell me you’ve got some fine humps.
  15. Have you gone to Gotham City before? I don’t mind taking you there.
  16. Hey baby, want me to park my BatMobile in your Batcave?
  17. I need you more than Gotham city needs batman.
  18. Wanna get out of here and check out the dark night?
  19. I’m looking for a new lair, is your cave open to the batmobile?
  20. Yes I am happy to see you and no thats not a batarang in my pocket.

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Best Batman Pick Up Lines

Ever since Batman made his debut in 1939, the dark knight has been known for his sharp wit and cunning. In honor of this beloved superhero, here are some of the best pick up lines that will have Batman running towards you like a bat out of hell!

  1. Baby girl, when you’re not around, I feel like Bruce Wayne’s parents. Dead.
  2. I’ve been searching for a new lair, can I park my bat mobile in your cave?
  3. It seems robin and I are not the only dynamic duo in town any longer.
  4. I’m Batman and let me show you my thing thats in my cave, my BIG…BLACK…Batmobile.
  5. Hey do i look like batman? Cuz you look like catwoman.
  6. Is that a batphone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
  7. Don’t mean to sound interesting or anything…but I’m Batman.
  8. Hey girl, is your name Robin? Because I want you to slide down my Batpole.
  9. The bat hasn’t been in a cave for a while if you know what I mean.
  10. Hey baby, have you ever seen the inside of the batcave?
  11. Hey boy, are you batman, cause I don’t get want your saying but you still look pretty hot to me.
  12. I swore on my parents’ grave that I’d protect the innocent, take off that bra sweetie.
  13. “You’re as smart as a whip and twice as deadly.”
  14. Yes I am happy to see you and no thats not a batarang in my pocket.
  15. Believe me I’m a close friend of superman, I’m batman.
  16. “You’re like a dark cloud that I can’t shake.”
  17. Most people call me Batman, but you can call me anytime.
  18. Heaven’s in the back seat of my Batmobile. Let me take you there.
  19. I hope you don’t mind me hiding in your bat cave for a while?
  20. Do you want to see my big black bat mobile? I could show you.
  21. “I imagine you’re quite the puzzle to solve.”
  22. If I were batman I’d totally save you over Harvey Dent.
  23. Have you ever been to Gotham City? I can take you there.

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How to Pick Batman Pick Up Lines

If you want to pick up Batman, here are some pick up lines you can use:

1. “I know you’re probably a busy man, but can I ask you for just one little favor?”

2. “You look like someone who could use a good laugh.”

3. “You have no idea how much I’d love to take you on.”

4. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as beautiful as you.”


Impress someone with Batman Pick Up Lines? Well, we have just the list of pickup lines for you! These cheesy pick up lines will get you in the mood and ready to take on the Dark Knight. From witty comebacks to downright hilarious lines, these are sure to work like a charm. So put on your cape and cowl, put on your mask and start picking up women like Batman does!

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